How do Event Networking Games Work?

Games For some people, the hardest part, in any event, is to talk to people and fortunately or unfortunately most of those people are strangers. You’re supposed to talk to them, but how? Event planners often offer cocktail mixers as a relaxed way to get to know one another. But the thing is that they’re not that relaxing. For most people, unstructured networking events are intimidating.


Simply put, event networking games are conversation starters and offer basic solutions:

  • They work as icebreakers by helping reduce anxiety and create a more welcoming atmosphere
  • They also work as group networking games and help larger groups perform better
  • Some people attend events to exchange as many contacts as possible in a limited timeframe. Event networking games sometimes work on speed dating format as well

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Four best networking games

 There are hundreds of event networking games that are available. Some event organizers get them customized, some use them as is- choose whatever floats your boat. If you don’t want to spend a lot on it, as your event networking app partner to provide some extra features and your purpose is sorted. We have tried to put in 4 best games that are a sure shot way for event attendees to break ice quicker and talk real business.

1. Find Your Match

There are high chances of two people/ companies/ groups to connect when they share common interests. This can be done in two simple ways. One can use relatable words like King-Queen, Pilot- Airplane etc. Write one work each on a piece of paper and distribute the chits. Ask the attendees to pick a chit and find their partner. This surely sounds like a school game but extremely effective in setting the right pace for an event.

An alternate to relatable words can be asking simple questions. Provide all event guests with a list of 10 questions and ask them to underline 3 they would prefer to answer. Then encourage them to spread out around the venue looking at each other’s lists and spotting like-minders. Apps like is one of the best event matchmaking app that is available around. Go check them out. To learn more about what other features a good event networking app should have.

2. Communication Challenge

Everyone says that communication is the key to good networking but seldom knows the art of good communication. And a rare set of people really know how to use communication for fruitful networking. We live in an information-driven society, where communication determines how fast we learn. Cooperation and collaboration underpin how we work together There are various communication games that can be played. Divide your attendees into groups and blindfold them and they shouldn’t be allowed to talk, then ask them to arrange themselves in the order of their shoe size. It will be good to see how they communicate and get them in order.

Another communication challenge can be back-back-drawing. Divide the group in sets to two participants.  Once people have paired off, they sit back-to-back with a paper and pencil each. One member takes on the role of a speaker, and the other plays the part of the listener. This game is about listening, clarity and developing potential strategies when we communicate.

3. The Shoe Game

This challenge is extreme fun. While the game is played mostly in weddings and wedding reception parties, there is no rule that it can’t be played in an event. Obviously you will need to be a little creative and play it differently. Ask everyone to remove one shoe and toss it into a pile. Then tell everyone to pick a shoe out, not their own, and try to find the match without speaking. You do want to keep a hand-sanitizer and room fresheners handy for this one.

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4. Give a Compliment

All of us deserve some love and giving compliments is as simple as it gets. Give compliments and receive compliments. It doesn’t hurt and it makes you feel good. Although we don’t encourage you to use this game to bring your tinder game on the table (do it at your own risk). You can always compliment someone on their business skills, or how well their company/ product is doing. A next step can be complimenting someone on their shoes or the mobile phone they are using. Compliments put people in their comfort zone and are surely a good way to start a healthy conversation.