How to Improve the Visibility of Your App on the Play Store

Visibility , it is expected that the total revenue earned through mobile apps would surpass the figure of $189 billion by the end of 2020. Now, this is huge. Needless to say, figures siggest a promising future of all the app developers. However, developing a website alone is not enough. Given the app deluge, developers need to tread cautiously when implementing an idea, affirming its uniqueness and then channelise the app to outreach potential customers.


Yes, you heard that right. Even though you are a developer, you need to market your app. Simply upload an app on the play store would not fetch the anticipated results. The app needs to be tailored to map the user’s expectations. To be precise, you need to take a step to improve your app visibility. The app store page should be such that it entices users to download. Right from the icon to the description, the keyword, and the title, all have to be perfect to gain a minimum level of user traction.

This would not just drive traffic but also leverage the conversion rate. Now, if you have recently opted for e-commerce website development, then you need to have a walk through the different ways by which you can optimize your app.

Optimising App for the Play store

App Store Optimisation

The certified method for optimizing the app within the play store, App Store Optimisation or better known as ASO is something you should pay heed. ASO itself opines strategies and ways by which developers can improve and enhance the visibility of apps within the store.

The optimisation technique implants off-the-page and on-page factors proven to leverage the ranking of your app. Adhering to the layout of ASO increases the odds that people drifting towards your app and even downloading it.

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ASO methods

  • Embed keywords in the name and description of the app

The first and foremost thing to cater to is the name of your app and its description. You need to make sure that the name along with the description has the keyword within it. It helps users track your app hassle freely. In case you are not sure about the keyword, you can conduct surveys and votes to find the suitable one.

  • User Reviews & Ratings

An app that has positive reviews and higher ratings would no doubt outperform others and considering the above, your app visibility automatically improves.

  • Downloads

The greater the number of app downloads, the higher its value. Every single download instills trust and increases the possibility of further visibility. The Play store never hesitate to block your app so always be careful.

  • An Attractive & Apt Icon

Your app icon should be such that it voices your business. It should speak for itself, meaning that as soon as users view the icon, they can figure out what your business actually strives to attain. The more informative icon has a greater appeal on users and so increases the conversion rate.

  • Integrate A Freemium Model

According to research, 98% of the earned app revenue is from free to use apps with an option of in-app purchases. And it a known fact that users would prefer apps that are free to download as compared to the ones that need to be purchased before downloading. In order to enhance your app visibility, you need to witness a many downloads,  so opting for a free app would be the best choice for your ecommerce website development.

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  • Improve Online Presence By Sharing Content

An important factor that would promote your ecommerce website development is enhancing the online presence of your business. In order to drive users to your app, you need them to know. Creating blog posts, websites, sharing content, etc are some of the best ways to create awareness about your business and direct visitors towards your app. You can also invest in the paid promotion or in case money seems to be an obstruction, you can promote your business through social media channels. Creating engaging content on social media about your business not only drives traffic but also turns them to potential users.

  • Modify Your App Regularly

User reviews and feedbacks aren’t just to fill the blank but they need to be heard, respected and implemented. One of the key elements of any business is to abide by the customers’ expectations and the same goes for e-commerce and Magento website development. You need to update your app frequently so as to keep up to the market trends and map industrial standards. Regular updates affirm that the app is free from bugs and can function seamlessly under all circumstances. Further, adding new features tend to attract users more, in a way facilitating higher app visit.

  • Apply For An Award

To stand out from others on the list, you need to have something exclusive. Having distinctive features is good, for one but to be the best you need to have the best. One way is to apply for rewards and if your app receives the same, the news gets flared and people know more about your business. This helps to build a network of users who might visit your app and download the same.


Having an app on Play store is different from having a revenue-centric app. As a developer, your task is to develop an app but what value does the app hold, if it fails to generate decent revenue. Nothing, right?

So, optimising an app or increasing its visibility is not an option any more. Instead, if you need your app to survive in the fast-paced competitive world, you need to take up measures to enhance and improve visibility