List of 5 Open Source Internet of Things Platforms

Source An  IoT platform connects your company’s IT hardware with cloud or on-premise applications that eventually helps in developing several other software applications, usually for the connected devices.


On top of that if it is an open source IoT platform, it will be even more beneficial. Owing to this fact, it will allow easy customization of the working as well as will be free on occasions. Therefore, will be of great help for businesses which are just starting out.

Benefits to businesses with an IoT platform

With an IoT platform, smart device vendors can easily equip their products with IoT, which will eventually provide them with real-time insights, notifications, alert etc. Also, they can connect such things with customer’s smartphones as well.

IoT platforms can also be a boon for the companies present in the field of agriculture and transportation. This is because it can help these companies in real-time monitoring the devices, collecting data from the sensors, providing analytics for production, and also tracking of cargo shipment.

Moreover, an IoT platform can also help your business in improving customer experience in various domains. Mostly, it is used to provide personalized services to your customers.

IoT Platform Stats and Facts for 2020 and Beyond

  • It is estimated that in the next 5 years, IoT platforms will handle 44 Zettabytes of data of the newly connected devices.
  • IoT platform market is expected to grow up to 1.16 USD by the end of 2020.
  • It was found that nearly 300 IoT platforms are available today, but unfortunately, most of them are still under development. 
  • Most of the companies are outsourcing the development of IoT platforms. This will make their operating cost lower by 50% and can use IoT experts from other companies in developing these platforms.

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Here’s a list of top open source IoT platforms in the market:


Here, DSA stands for Distributed Services Architecture. It is an open source IoT platform that is used to intercommunicate the applications and devices of a company’s IoT infrastructure.

DSA’s architecture also enables a network architect that will help in distributing the functionalities b/w different computing resources.

A fully functional DSA system allows a developer to create applications for streaming data from devices.


It is an open source hardware platform for the IoT, which helps you in creating your out of the box ideas.

It is beneficial for businesses in building and modifying commercial products. Moreover, companies can easily create a replica of the prototype, which also works on all technologies, be it sensor-based, wired, or wireless.

With generating ideas to prototype creation and then making the final product, mangOH® makes sure that you don’t lack behind the competition, and your workforce doesn’t get wasted while creating a product.

Bosch IoT Suite

Bosch IoT Suite is an open source IoT platform that connects users with more than 10 million devices, be it machines or sensors.

Well, Bosch boasts of being the most secure IoT platform. Be it their cross-industry expertise or their strong middle ware capabilities, easy to use the software or its flexibility. Bosch – the name is enough.

Also, they have handled more than 250+ IoT projects and have more than 10 million+ connected devices.

Users of the IoT platform made by Bosch says that they do not experience any downtime at all. Well, this is an added advantage as no one likes a connection, which lags a lot.


OpenIoT is an open source IoT platform used to gather information from sensors via the cloud. It is also noted that OpenIoT is simple to use and can connect all your sensors. This is helpful in providing seamless IoT solutions to your users.

OpenIoT also provides smart solutions for developing smart cities. These solutions include crowdsensing, smart campus & assisted living. 

In 2013, it was awarded as the best Internet of Things Open Source Platform.

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It is an open source IoT platform that is used by businesses for collecting, processing and visualizing data.

It also uses IoT protocols set up by the industry, such as CoAP, MQTT, and HTTP. It also supports your on-premise infrastructure and cloud for delivering better device connectivity.

The dashboard is one of the best things in this IoT platform. It used data, visualizes it, and transforms the data. Also, it notifies you with updates regarding the attributes or any event which is occurring.

Moreover, the users can also access real-time dashboards and even remote device control is possible with it.


There are several other IoT-based open source projects that have been built to focus on assisting the developers in their urge to create IoT devices that are ever-evolving.

Organizations can focus on having open source IoT platforms as they can help companies in creating path-breaking products and services.