7 Top Reasons Why People Uninstall Your App

uninstall Daily around 2000+ apps are being launched, and in this action, there is a fight in different apps for good attention and space in the devices of the users. Once you have been successful in getting your app installed and get noticed on the device of the users, your next battle is to prevent your app from being uninstalled from the device of the users.


7 Top Reasons Why People Uninstall Your App

Factor of privacy:

The recent research tells that out of 9, 3 apps are a risk to user privacy, and therefore the users demit your apps and does not keep them any longer on their devices. Even parents wish to make certain that no risks are involved in Mobile Storytelling Apps for their kids. If the apps are not highly secured, they cannot be popular.

A much better app is found by users:

A developer will declare that he has developed the feature-rich mobile app, but what counts is the decision of the users. If people get to know about much similar app which has more features, then only some users will opt for keeping both apps on their smart devices, and the rest of the users will uninstall the last installed app and will keep the current one.

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Factor of promises:

Users are very clever, they download the apps after checking out its title and the descriptions. Some developers do stupidity by stating false details about the functions of their apps. This is another factor that increases the uninstalling of the apps by the users and that is the result your app gets poor reviews.

Apps drinking away the battery of smart devices:

There are lot of apps that drink away the battery of the smart devices and this is another reason that people uninstall your apps quickly. Users generally use the apps which don’t uses much battery of their smartphone. This is the biggest reason people uninstall your apps in a fraction of seconds.

Size factor:

If you create and develop your app for just one screen size, your app will not function on some devices. You need to opt for screen rotation. If you do not design your app in such a way that it doesn’t function on all screen sizes, users are more likely to uninstall your app.

Too many features create a problem:

Don’t impress your users by creating an app with too many features. Users get confused and in turn, they uninstall the app within no time.

Bad user interface:

The apps which you develop must have easy-to-understand information about set up of the app. The App Set-Up Instruction must be simple to understand and easy to read. If your app does not have easy understanding set up instructions, then your app is sure to get uninstalled by the users.

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Whenever you are developing apps, awesome user experience must be the key factor. While developing the apps, you must develop considering yourself as the user. Your app must be feature-rich, that doesn’t mean fully loaded with too many features, that will be a problem from getting the popularity for your app.

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