Build a Real Time Web Application with Node js

Web Application Node JS came into existence in the year 2009. It is plain sailing to use on multifarious types of computers and with various software packages. It is the most popular programming language which is used by the developers and programmers. Node.js provides inventive solutions for building servers and web/mobile applications.

Web Application

Node.js is the highly favored platform for developing real-time web applications. Node.js have been constructed on the Google V8 Javascript engine. The reason is that the V8 is open-source, which is focused on the web, and it runs very smoothly. So this platform is being used for developing the single-page web applications, video streaming sites and different web pages.

Node js web application framework:

Node js is used for developing complex websites in very simple way. Here are the different characteristics of the node js:

It is very simple to run the applications within the Node.js runtime on windows. Linux and also the MAC OS X are possible without any hassle and no such alterations are necessary.

Even though numerous threads are being put to use for the network and the file events, the application can start running single-threaded.

The application do not get buffer any kind of data because noide.js frees the data in the chunks. Node platform’s worldwide features are easy to acquire in all the modules.

Streams in the node js are the different objects that enables to read the data from a source. Streams also allow the writing of data to any destination. Various types of streams are readable, writeable, duplex and transform.

In the node js, it is possible to emit and bind the callbacks to events, and is done with the eentmitter in node js. By using the event emitter, different kinds of classes and the applications can be constructed hassle free.

Node.js has the amazing feature of Real Eval Print Loop or REPL. REPL helps in reading and parsing the user’s input into the JavaScript data structure. And later it gets stored in the memory. Eval is a short form of evaluating. Eval just evaluates the complete data structure. Print option helps in printing the result. Loop will help to loop the command till the user will press the ctrl+c twice.

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Developing the real-time applications by the Node.js:

Before you start to work on the Node.js, it is much required for you to have the good understanding of the concepts in Javascript, HTML, CSS and AJAX. The node.js is highly favored for developing real time web applications because this framework uses the non-blocking I/O model and is event driven. So the node.js is lightweight framework and is efficacious and so it helps to develop data-intensive real time applications.

In the same way, there are various other reasons for developing top-notch real-time web applications by using the node.js. Some of the complicated real time web applications like chatting applications can be constructed through the node js without any hassle. Node js is also highly favored platform for creating web applications like gaming applications, the reason being, event loop handles the multi-user requirement. The socket.IO has the significant role in developing the real-time applications. Socket.IO library provides the real-time transport between the web browser and the node js server.

Closing thoughts:

With each passing day, there will be an upward trend in the use of node.js for developing the real-time web applications. The demand for the node js is reaching new heights, as there is much cooperation between people on real-time basis, which extends the need for real-time applications. So, once a person has acquired the basic knowledge of JavaScript, it gets easier for that person to try his hands on the node js for developing the real-time web applications.

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