What makes the perfect calendar app? At the minimum, it should remind you of appointments and important dates. It should also make scheduling as effortless as possible. The thing is, there is a perfect calendar app. We all have different workflows and varying schedules needs vary.


Some of us may just need a simple, streamlined calendar, while others require a more robust app that can track tasks. In fact, you can choose from many ideal calendar apps for 2020 that will increase your productivity for the year.

Calendar Apps for 2020 Productivity

Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the top 101 calendar apps for 2020 for you to try until you find one that’s best for you.

1. Calendar

If you no longer want to play phone tag when scheduling an appointment then this free app will make that a problem of the past. Just simply let Calendar know your availability and it’ll do the rest for you. Easy, right?

You then share your Calendar links through email or embed it onto your website. The app also integrates with tools that you’re probably already using. This includes Google, Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Zapier, and Outlook. Another awesome feature is timezone detection so that everyone is on the same page.

The app also harnesses he power of machine learning so that it make suggestions on when, where, and how meetings should take place.

2. Fantastical 2

Here’s an iOS calendar and reminder app that allows you to easily add events using natural language. Just say phrases like “remind me tomorrow at 3PM to call Jim.”

It can also quickly call, email, or message invitees to events or wish them a happy birthday. The DayTicker is an handy feature that allows you to view and manage your events and reminders for the day.

The Apple Watch integration pushes your events and appointments directly to your wrist for additional convenience. The app also works with built-in calendar accounts like iCloud, Google Calendar, and Yahoo. The app will cost you $4.99.

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar isn’t just for those who are invested in the big G. While you can see upcoming events like flights, reservations, or bill due dates if you use Gmail, non-Gmail users can still access those same functions. This includes reminders for upcoming events, reviewing your to-dos, and being able to see what’s planned on a specific date.

Google Calendar can also link seamlessly with other calendars, such as Samsung’s S-Planner or Apple’s iCloud. But, one of the more unique things that Google Calendar can do is allowing you to set personal goals. And, you can easily share it with others – which makes it a great tool when working with teams.

The price isn’t too bad either — since it’s free.

4. iCloud Calendar

If you own an Apple device – or several – all of your email, address book, and calendar software is preinstalled. This means everything is designed to work together seamlessly right from the get-go. It’s also packed with features like setting up recurring events, creating multiple color-coded calendars, and sharing notifications with others.

Besides syncing across all of your Apple devices, this app also syncs with Google Calendar. Overall, this is an ideal option for business owners and families wanting to stay organized together.

5. CloudCal

This advanced productivity app from PSELIS, along with CloudTasks, is for Android only. It allows you to view instantly your availability, customize your day, and create to-do-lists. It can also be used to create, organize, and share your personal and professional goals. This app also syncs across between Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Google Tasks.

You’ll have to pay $3.49 for the app.

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6. Cozi

If you want to maintain a healthy work-life balance then this calendar app was designed with you in mind. The app keeps your family’s activities and events in one location. It also lets you create and share shopping lists, chores, recipes, and moments in real time. The Cozi Today feature provides your day’s agenda at a glance.

Cozi is available for free for iPhone/iPad,Android, and Windows 8.1.

7. Calendars 5

Readdle’s Calendars 5 is a cool and impressive iOS app that clearly displays everything you need to know about your schedule. It contains multiple views ranging from monthly down to daily. With natural language support you can verbally enter new events or reminders.

The app is also capable of task and event management. It syncs with the built in iOS calendar app, Reminders, and Google Calendar to make your life easier. The timeline view where events are categorized with icons, is perfect when just want a glance of your schedule.

The app is pricey, however. It costs $6.99 on the App Store.

8. Awesome Calendar

This is an all-in-tool from YunaSoft to assist you in managing both your personal and business life. That’s because it has three apps in one; to-do, calendar, and diary. This means you can view and edit your schedule, create to-do lists, and write in your diary.

Other features include customer alerts, timezone support, holidays noted in 35 countries, weather information, and this calendar can be shared with others. The app works with all iPhone supported calendars. This includes Cloud, MobileMe, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange ActiveSync, iCal, CalDAV, ICS subscription calendars.

The Awesome Calendar will set you back ten bucks on the App Store.

9. Month Calendar Widget

This isn’t exactly an app. It’s actually a widget from Candl Apps that you can display on your Android’s home screen. It allows you to quickly view your calendar activities and events, agenda, and to-do lists for the month. It also seamlessly syncs with Google Calendar.

The best part? It can be downloaded for free.

10. Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar from Appxy is a native Google Calendar app that features an intuitive design. However, it can be used on Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app is notable for supporting eight standard views – day, week, month, 4-days, year, mini-month, week agenda and agenda.

Other features include real-time synchronization and being able to set-up recurring events. You can even invite people and see their status for the invite, set reminders  and recurring events, and it can work offline.

11. Famjama

This calendar app was designed with families in mind. For example, you can create family to-do lists and then assign items to various family members. You can also send out message blasts to your family directly from the app and sync it with your Google Calendar.

Ultimately, this one of the best apps to coordinate and manage your family’s commitments and appointments  – it even made PC Magazine’s Editors Choice . You can start using Famjama by signing in with Facebook or your email address.

FYI — the app is for sale if you want you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new business opportunity.

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12. Accompany

This free app dubs itself the “executive’s best friend.” Why? It sends executive briefings — such as professional history, relevant news, and key company info — automatically to your inbox. You can also tap on any face or logo in your calendar for more information — like your last communications with the contacts, their social media posts, or news stories — on any entity.

Accompany also determines the emails that deserve your attention based on who sent the email. The app is available on iOS, but there’s web client versions for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365 users.

13. Week Calendar Planner

For those who have to plan group meetings, then this app is here to save the day. Simply create an appointment, each party is sent an email, and they respond with their availability. You can then set the best time, date, and location based on the responses.

The app is free to download on iPhone and Android devices.

14. Business Calendar 2

This free Android app has all the basics covered. Event calendar and task management, recurring reminders and events, multiple views, and support for holidays and birthdays are all included. There’s also widgets that can be placed on your home screen to upcoming events events and tasks. The Day View allows you to zoom in so that you can easily view your schedule.

One unique feature is a heat map. This makes it easier to spot free days where you don’t have any plans, tasks, or events. While the app is free, the Pro- version has additional features that you may require.

15. Simple Calendar Widget

This popular widget is functional on Android phones and tablets. It features a minimal calendar that can integrate with your existing calendars for a more seamless experience. This allows it to display upcoming appointments directly on your homescreen.

This stylish widget can can also show weather, sports schedules, holidays, and can supports tasks using Dato and GTasks. The app is free to download.