What is fair usage policy and benefits?

If you are considering getting a broadband connection, do make sure that you check the fair usage policy or FUP. There are certain broadband services in India that do not have FUP.


You should make it a point that you check the Fair Usage Policy and other benefits of broadband.

So, what does Fair Usage Policy mean?

In simple words FUP means that even though you may have subscribed to an unlimited broadband data plan, due to your usage being high if your data crosses a certain cap as decided by the broadband provider your connection speed will get reduced for the rest of the month.

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Broadband traffic management

If you are streaming a lot of HD videos, downloading and uploading large files you could be slowing down other people’s data speed and broadband connections. Therefore, if your home broadband is constantly affecting other users, your network provider may restrict your connection during peak times.

This is called traffic management and network providers use this during peak hours so that all users have a consistent experience.

To manage your data needs you should keep a check on how much data you have consumed and even before you go ahead and choose a plan for yourself you should consider referring to online broadband usage calculators. You can find numerous broadband usage calculators online that are simple to use and prove to be very beneficial in helping you understand your data needs.

You can find Hathway broadband data usage details on our website under the broadband section. We have listed everything clearly along with the Fair Usage Policy. Hathway’s broadband plans are designed so that our customers avail the maximum advantage even in peak hours.

Today, broadband internet has become our lifeline and people are choosing broadband internet as compared to dial up for many reasons. Broadband connection is up to 100 times faster than dial up connection. You can download large data, movies, files and pictures within seconds and minutes.

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Today youngsters are drawn towards online gaming. Modern high speed gaming is possible on broadband internet only.

Broadband internet does not affect the phone line. You are connected through cable while using broadband therefore your phone is not preoccupied while using broadband internet. One of the best advantages of broadband is that it gives you high-speed internet along with cheap phone services via VoIP technology.

Today, due to many advantages of using broadband internet connection everyone is opting for it. Broadband internet can be kept connected continuously without attracting any additional charges. Therefore, this avoids frequent dialing or logging on to the service provider’s service while accessing the internet.