Why Should Hedge Funds Embrace the Public Cloud?

With public cloud providers updating their offerings to meet the needs of different businesses, feature enhancements such as robust security controls have shed the public cloud’s image as an unstable environment.


Public clouds offer a simple way for hedge funds to reduce costs by eliminating on-premises hardware and software expenses. They also provide instant scalability so that hedge funds can grow or shrink resources in real time without having to worry about capacity constraints. Finally, they allow hedge funds to focus on what they do best – investing – while leaving infrastructure management tasks like patching and upgrading up to the experts at AWS.

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• Vast Network of Partners and Service Providers

Amazon Web Services has more than 2,400 service partners and 650 AWS-certified technology providers. These businesses offer tools that help hedge funds optimize their workloads in the cloud. For example, they can help run high performance computing jobs at scale to generate artificial intelligence algorithms or forecast daily market moves using advanced statistical models. Best of all, the majority of AWS partners offer free trials so that hedge funds can try out products for a few weeks before making an investment decision.

Low Startup Costs

Many hedge funds start out as startups because it’s often easier to raise money from small investors when you don’t have the overhead costs associated with running a brick-and-mortar You know the benefits of moving to the public cloud, but don’t have the time or knowledge to implement it

You’re managing application downtime and security incidents on a regular basis. Why not move your apps to a cloud provider? 

Reduce infrastructure costs with scalable virtual machines. Leave expensive hardware purchases behind!

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Cloud computing has been the buzzword for a while now, but it seems like public cloud providers are finally stepping up their game in order to meet businesses’ needs. With increased security features and more robust offerings, public cloud is no longer seen as an unstable environment. You can still take advantage of this trend by partnering with one of our experts today!